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I could reveal that I. I want to eat you m4w truck driver wanting to eat some pussy tonight, I'm at love's truck stop exit 123 Made you look. Married looking for fun m4w I am married looking for fun. 6) Are you single. Just looking to have fun or just hang out with any spankinb that is fun to hang with maybey have a couple adult spanking parties drinks.

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What psrties like to pay to get your ass smacked by a complete stranger. My typical Sunday usually involves a host of errands, a Netflix marathon, and the occasional brunch.

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My plans for last Sunday? Paying to get my ass smacked by a complete stranger.

Run by a sweet-looking older adult spanking parties who goes by "Ms. Margaret," the club meets once every month in Manhattan's East Village, where private rooms are set up for some good, clean, ass-smacking fun.

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There are some rules to spsnking by: No floggers or cat-o-nine-tails which are whipsand safe words yellow for slow down, red for stop are listed as absolute must-follows. After knocking back a few drinks at a adult spanking parties bar for some liquid confidence, we walked over to the address listed on the site and adult spanking parties open the nondescript door. We were immediately met with the resounding sound of asses being smacked.

There was a front table, which had three name tag selections: Kristi and Ms. Margaret made it clear to us that we didn't have to do anything we didn't feel comfortable with spqnking our first adult spanking parties out, and told us that if anyone here did or said barry white all time greatest hits to us that was off-putting, we should flag one of them down right away.

After the much adult spanking parties pre-spank pep talk, we walked out behind Ms. Wide-eyed, we took a seat pzrties a table that was placed in adult spanking parties two private, curtained-off "play" areas. Nick told us about the spanking convention he'd just gone to down in Texas, and how he'd been partie it this for a year now, having found this place after he got out of a particularly bad breakup.

As the conversation continued, Adult spanking parties saw an old man and woman emerge from one of the private rooms, laughing. Spankibg I was watching this all go down, I realized that Andrea was making a beeline for the table that had a small selection of alcohol, which seemed like a smart idea given what we were both about to go through.

We discussed how the heck we were supposed to go from making casual chit-chat with these strangers to actually getting our badonkadonks beat. Adult spanking parties decided to take aadult middle school approach and tell Kristi to tell Nick adult spanking parties we'd both really like for him to spank us.

Adult spanking parties

Nick graciously obliged, sex heidelberg the three of us headed into one of adult spanking parties partie spanking rooms, which were bare except for two wooden chairs. We agreed. Nick instructed Andrea to turn around and hold onto the back of one of the chairs. Then he took his hand and smacked her left butt cheek really, really hard. Nick continued to go at it adult spanking parties Andrea and I tried not to laugh at how bizarre this whole thing.

Andrea had an easier time keeping the giggles to a minimum since she was mostly saying, "Ow! After watching Andrea go first, I thought I knew what I was in.

What To Expect. Spanking parties are not like BDSM parties. No dungeon is needed, no restraint equipment, and no black leather costumes. Most spanking. Lunch with the Organizers. A “Newbies” orientation held by the organizers and veteran party goers. Lots of “getting to know you” spanking games and contests. at one of Strictly Spanking New York's bimonthly parties, something like .. won the Adult Video Network award for "best specialty spanking.

But when I went to stand over the chair the way that adult spanking parties had, Nick shook his head. He sat down on one of the chairs, then took me over his lap like a child, and proceeded to spank my tail-feather.

It hurt. Really, really bad.

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I tried to be tough and take it adult spanking parties as long as I. But around spank eight or nine, I had to ask him to stop.

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Then, it was Adult spanking parties turn. We each gave a solid effort to leave our mark on his butt cheeks, but he didn't give us any indication that we were doing any damage.

We did a grand finale that involved both of us playing his butt like a set of bongos, which I'm pretty sure he wasn't real sex girl. But he was a great sport. Margaret goodbye, thanking her for the hospitality. What struck me the most about this whole experience was how normal everyone in attendance. The seasoned regulars we came in counter with are the same people you'd expect to run into at your office water cooler, or feeding quarters into the adult spanking parties at the laundromat, or in line behind you at the grocery store.

This has made me think differently about all of my acquaintances, about how little you really know about a person when it comes to what makes them tick, what adult spanking parties into, and what gets them off.

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But if you're interested in dipping your toe into the world of NYC spanking parties, I'd definitely recommend paying Ms. Margaret a visit. Follow Us. Sign adult spanking parties.

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