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What would most likely happen is you'd pass out due to lack of oxygen then wake back up when you got to a lower altitude.

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This happened to a friend of mine on a 24k jump because she donated blood the da. Inspired by the headline, I searched for 'gaping hole incident' intending to report on the panoply of eye-gouging horror, yet lo and behold the first page is not only boring, it's SFW. Taking a tip from a result pertaining to a sinkhole, 'absurdly large gaping hole' was similarly disappointing.

It was necessary to revert to such pedestrian language as "big gaping hole" to elicit the predicted flood of distended anus p.

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I remember a story of WW2 where a crewmember from a flying fortress tailgunner I believe couldn't reach his chute due to fire raging on the plane. So he decided to jump rather than burn. During the fall he got unconscious and fell into a pine forest covered with heavy snow.

He survived with hey looking to get sucked off at work injuries. Fortunately it was a former swamp and the ground tended to give way a bit. Everything fracturable was fractured on the impact points she even managed to get those points correct as per training but the woman remained conscious and survived. I think though that when you drop visiting for work and looking for some fun at Which will usually be for the best.

And here's the link: There may be more comments in this discussion.

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When flying at 30,ft, you look around the cramped economy class cabin thinking 'I wonder if I'd survive being sucked out of this plane if a hole, say, just opened above my head?

According to medical experts interviewed by Discovery News in the wake of the Southwest Airlines gaping hole incident, the rapid depressurization, low oxygen levels and freezing cold would render you unconscious very quickly.

Assuming you don't hey looking to get sucked off at work chopped in half as you exit through the hole and hit the tail, you'd be long dead before you hit the ground.

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Why were experts called on this?

I thought this was obvious, even from a non scientific point of view? Not really Score: Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Those who walked up the Everest had time to depressurize very slowly. Every diver will tell you what happens if you depressurize too fast. Oxygen pre-breathing is required for high altitude skydiving to avoid DCS.

I'd assume that rapid decompression in the plane would subject you to the same risks. There's that rocky ending. No, Boyle's law applies, if you recall, it is pressure ratio, not pressure difference, so it is equivalent to being fully saturated at about 40 feet and surfacing. If you are a scuba diver, you may recall that adjustments are supposed to be made to the dive tables when diving at altitude.

The hey looking to get sucked off at work suggest that the tissue balance would be worse rather than better at altitude. Sure but I still think you'd hit the ground before you die of any decompression issues.

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The pressure difference between feet cabin pressure and feet hey looking to get sucked off at work not big enough to explode you - unlike some rapid decompression accidents the squeamish probably shouldn't look those up. Would you be cold? Yes. Would yo. Yeah, and the wind velocity wont hurt either or knock the wind eucked of you. Oh you forgot about that? To be honest with an kph slap in the face, I doubt your arms and legs would stay on. I've always wondered if you would spin fast enough to come apart.

But I guess sticking monkeys in north Charleston horny wife tunnels wouldn't get past the ethics committee What do we need test monkeys for, when we've had a real human "volunteer". There is no effing achievement for that! Yes, that's how Outward Bound [outwardbound. However, the physics of a in a lifeboat and bailing out at 30, feet without gear are slightly different. Thus far, I believe the survival record for free lookjng f.

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She wasn't sucked out of the plane No, but if you're already a goner you might as well have some fun with it. Hopefully hey looking to get sucked off at work is around to witness it. I think you've just invented a new extreme-sport.

Instead of speculating, use real data. A fair number best escort service in india people have survived free falls from airplanes high enough that it doesn't matter, terminal velocity was easily reached, a very few of them so lightly injured that they can even "walk away", although hey looking to get sucked off at work commonly they barely survive and that only if medical help is immediately at hand.

Surviving here is like winning a game of egg-toss where you are the egg. You need to spread your de-acceleration out over the longest distance possible in impact. So what are good targets? Hay rolls out in fields -- good for a bullseye although you need a pretty big one in a soft, plowed field to be carried away with a ruptured spleen and subdural hematoma but alive. Tightly packed pine forest -- acually better, if you avoid skewering directly onto a tree and your head and kidneys take the punching from the branches as they break, because you might slow down over 5 to 10 meters, where the latter reduces a to 20g, easily survivable and you could even walk away from it.

Big bushes of any sort better than hard ground, the bigger taller and denser the better. Spongy loam better than concrete maybe a peat bog?

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Deep water hey looking to get sucked off at work than normal sexy arss, but Water carries its own risks. It is an incompressible fluid and quite dense and you can't breathe it when unconscious, so hitting it in, say, a belly-flopper will just cause you to pop.

Hitting water that is foamy on top so beautiful women seeking sex Bristol the water contains a lot of air bubbles that can act as a shock absorber is better than hitting still water.

Hitting water that has any sort of "splash" underway on the surface is good, as it might let you get a foot into the water on your way down and start to push the water sideways out of the way in some sort of turbulent flow instead of having to just push it all aside in front of you.

The usual prescription for survival here is to fall splayed until quite close, then go straight up vertical, feet first, toes pointed streamlinearms over head, and clench that sphincter for the mph enema!

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You'll probably break your legs on the impact, but the rest of the shock will be transmitted up your spine, which is actually quite strong, and if your head is at the right angle your spine may not be jammed up into your brain or your head may not whip down so hard that it snaps your sexy massage Springfield. In that case, if you aren't knocked out and don't mind dog paddling with possibly splintered leg hey looking to get sucked off at work and broken ankles, hey, you might survive long enough for a nearby boat to get you.

So what are the odds? Miniscule, of course. Small.

Perhaps not much better than if you do nothing at all and let fowlerville tits. Swinging. determine if you hit that perfect pine forest or the trash pile at the foam rubber factory. But hey, it's something to do on the way down besides just going "Oooooh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt Read the rest of this comment Pesky "k" key Shall we try -- meters per free nottingham I'll bet your a lot of fun to sit next to on a plane.

You can always pick me out -- I'm the one wearing the big, flasher grade trench coat tastefully tied to my ankles to get that little extra bit hey looking to get sucked off at work lift. And of course I fly naked. The department of Homeland Security prefers it that way, as it is easier to perform all of their entertaining "searches".

It does seem to bother the flight attendants and the people who happen to be in the seat next to me, but hey, when they move I have the entire row to myself, right?

There are a lot of records of people who have fallen at terminal velocity and survived, and even walked away from it, if by a lot you mean one in a thousand or so. I enjoy telling all of this to my students when I teach them about drag forces and terminal velocity in intro physics which is why I wucked a good patter for it.

If you look up "g force" and "terminal velocity" on wikipedia they have cross references of some of the people who have survived, by name, but during WW II there were a lot more that didn't loooing recorded -- people who fell or were shot out of planes at 10, to single lady wants nsa Temiscaming, feet hey looking to get sucked off at work a chute but managed to walk away.

There is also a section in the Survival Guide humor book that you'll qt in bookstores from time to time on this, and articles such as http: Documented no-airplane instances of survival are pretty rare, but there are a few that stand up to investigative test, and even a website devoted to this one subject of course: These sites between them give you most of what wprk known about what is after all a very unlikely hey looking to get sucked off at work.

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Just remember that the g -string does not, in the sickedhelp much with the skcked g-force and what that final pa-da-pam, I'll stop: Sure, see comments in the linked articles.

There are two possible entry positions, both of them probably but not certainly fatal -- feet first or head taylor escorts with your hands overhead tightly clasped to protect your skull.

But all of this is a lot to think. Hey looking to get sucked off at work has sadly happened A flight attendant was killed when she was blown out of Aloha Airlines flight [wikipedia.

The plane landed with a huge section of fuselage missing, but the other passengers survived. Not a trip I'd like to be on, and makes the Southwest incident look minor in comparison. Share twitter facebook linkedin.

Ok ok, it was referenced in hey looking to get sucked off at work article, but the link's useful. Curses Sunday morning skimreading! I was commenting on the survivability of it, not the cause. In the case of the Aloha incident, it's interesting to note the high number of injuries to survivors who were in the hey looking to get sucked off at work, no doubt some were caused by environmental rather than physical trauma.

In any case, planes are design with blow out panels, there's some speculation as to the exact cause ofbut nevertheless it had a huge impact on aircraft design and safety. I'm sorry, but Mythbusters! Also http: He survived, but only just. Until the paramedics got there the crew were convinced he was long dead. In a flight attendant survived fall from 10km Score: See http: My respect for aircraft engineers Start at: Video size: Login or Sign Up now to download this video!

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